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New Dharma Successor
New Dharma Successor
July 24

On Sunday, July 22, Kojun Hull appeared in the zendo in brown robes, signifying that she has received Dharma Transmission from abbotts Chozen and Hogen Bays. She has been in full-time residential training with them since 1999, and is their first Dharma successor.

5 Precepts Ceremony
5 Precepts Ceremony
April 15

On Sunday, April 15 four members of our community took the 5 Precepts. Levi, Peter and Garrett are all currently residents at Great Vow, and Lisa lives near the monastery.

Peter receiving his wagessaPeter receiving his wagessa

Garrett, Peter, Levi, LisaGarrett, Peter, Levi, Lisa

Jukai Ceremony
Jukai Ceremony
March 25

On March 25, three sangha members received Jukai. Bruce from Vancouver Canada received the Dharma name Shotoku. Danney, a resident of Great Vow, received the name Soten, and Brad, also a resident, received the name Shoki.

2012 March Jukai recipients2012 March Jukai recipients

Shotoku receiving his rokusuShotoku receiving his rokusu

Soten receiving his rokusuSoten receiving his rokusu


Shoki receiving his rokusuShoki receiving his rokusu

Sign makeover
Sign makeover
March 3

Next time you come to Great Vow you'll notice the new color of our sign. The two entrance signs now match, and the new sign is much more visible.

Thanks to Sojin for his painting skills!

Kaz Tanahashi
Kaz Tanahashi
January 27

On January 20 - 22 we were happy to host Kaz Tanahashi at Great Vow. Kaz led a calligraphy retreat, and on Saturday gave a calligraphy performance (photos from the performance appear on this page). The calligraphy performance was themed on Kaz's teaching of the Ten Laws on the Art of Joyful Living, which are offered below.



Ten Laws on the Art of Joyful Living

1.  Your happiness is more important than anything else.
2.  The happier you are, the more you can help others.
3.  Smiling makes you happy.
4.  The more relaxed you are, the happier you are.
5.  A moment of meditation can help you refresh yourself.
6.  The lower your expectations are, the happier you are.
7.  Happiness attracts happiness.
8.  The ultimate healing is to live joyfully at each moment.
9.  The more fully you face your own death, the more joyous you become.
10. You can always improve your art of joyful living.

Jogen's Shuso Hossen
Jogen's Shuso Hossen
December 30

On December 11 Jogen Salzberg completed his year as Shuso in a Shuso Hossen ceremony. During the ceremony Jogen gave a talk on Case 18 of the Blue Cliff Record, "The National Teacher's Seamless Monument". He then answered questions from the community about the case, and his experiences during his year as Shuso.

As with each Shuso who graduates, a pine tree will be planted on the monastery grounds in recognition of Jogen's efforts and sincere practice.


Precepts Ceremony
Precepts Ceremony
September 7

On Sunday, September 4th a joint 5-Precepts and Jukai ceremony was held at Great Vow Zen Monastery. 

Five people took the five precepts and received a wagessa. Three people took Jukai and received a lineage chart showing their place in our lineage, as well as a rokusu (small representation of the Buddha's robe) and a new Dharma name.

Pictured above, in front of the table, from left to right:

Monica - Jikin    -     Betty - Reiyu     -       Amy - Kisei


24 Hour Chant for Peace 2011
24 Hour Chant for Peace 2011
August 10

On August 5 - 6 Great Vow hosted the 9th Annual 24 Hour Chant for Peace.  

The 24 Hour Interfaith Chant for Peace is an annual event at the monastery bringing together many spiritual traditions to share their unique expressions of devotion. This year we began with an amazing two hour offering from Shantala which kept the energy high through the entire event. Many groups returned who have been attending since the first Chant for Peace in 2003.

Next year's 10th annual Chant for Peace will be August 10th-11th; be sure to mark your calendars!

Click here to view more images from this event, and previous 24 Hour Chants for Peace

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