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24 Hour Chant for Peace 2011
24 Hour Chant for Peace 2011
August 10

On August 5 - 6 Great Vow hosted the 9th Annual 24 Hour Chant for Peace.  

The 24 Hour Interfaith Chant for Peace is an annual event at the monastery bringing together many spiritual traditions to share their unique expressions of devotion. This year we began with an amazing two hour offering from Shantala which kept the energy high through the entire event. Many groups returned who have been attending since the first Chant for Peace in 2003.

Next year's 10th annual Chant for Peace will be August 10th-11th; be sure to mark your calendars!

Click here to view more images from this event, and previous 24 Hour Chants for Peace

Jizo Bon
Jizo Bon
August 2

On July 30 we celebrated Jizo Bon at Great Vow. Jizo Bon is a traditional celebration in Japan, and we have adapted it for our community. The activities began at 3pm and included painting lanterns, shakuhachi music, Obon dancing, dinner, a shadow play, desert, and finally a lantern procession through the Jizo Garden. The evening ended with a Ksitigarbha ceremony, and fireworks.

View more photos of the event by clicking here

Let the Sitting Begin
Let the Sitting Begin
July 13

The zendo floor is ready for continuous use at Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple.  Thank you for  the many careful, loving  hours of work from the rehab team and floor bodhisatva Wayne Haack.

There is still plenty of work to do as we look at the outside of the building.  There is a great need for workers of all skill levels for short term tasks and to fill our current and expanding services positions.  Please contact me or Ryushin if you have some time and interest.

With gratitude,  Kodo (503-502-6474)

Final CoatFinal Coat

5 Precepts in Our New Home
 5 Precepts in Our New Home
July 4

Heart of Wisdom opened the doors to sitting and a 5 Precepts Ceremony on June 30, 2011.  More than 75 people witnessed this wonderful ceremony in our beautiful "work in progress" Temple.

Hogen presents a wagessa to SteveHogen presents a wagessa to Steve




Birdie, Allen, Steve, Robert, and Linda F. took the 5 Precepts for Ethical Living. A very fitting start for Heart of Wisdom.  The 5 VowersThe 5 Vowers The shuso's viewThe shuso's view

Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple OPEN 6/30
Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple OPEN 6/30
June 29

Dear Friends:

With a little sadness and excitement we turned off the lights at the Portland Dharma Center last night for the last time.

We will now meet at our new home at:


Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple

6401 NE 10th

Portland, OR 97211

Our first event is a 5 Precept Ceremony on Thursday, June 30 at 7:30.  Doors open at 7:00 (in fact the doors will be open earlier with people scurrying around getting ready, so feel free to come early).  We will be cleaning the building on Thursday so everyone is invited to participate if you are able to.
Other Practice times will be the Same
Zazen Practice Schedule

6:30am - Zazen and a short chanting service (roughly one hour)
7:30pm - Zazen and group discussion (roughly two hours)

7:30pm - Zazen, Dharma talk, short chanting service (roughly two hours)

7:30pm - Zazen, Sanzen (face-to-face interview with the teacher), short chanting service
(roughly two hours)

A few things we could use:
A large Tea water dispenser
Sitting benches

There are many more things that we need so please check the google list for needs at the new Temple.

Please let other know that we have moved...maybe call or email someone who has not been to sitting lately.  We have three events planned around this exciting Open House, Our Annual Dinner and then an Official Dedication Ceremony....more information to come.

Thank you all and bows,
Work, Work and More Work
Work, Work and More Work
June 19

Work Practice on Sat. June 18....Hogen brought Jogen, Kotestu, Gentoku and Kondo from the monastery.  Their helping hands along with the helping hands from Heart of Wisdom (Wayne, Zac, Evan, Robert, Seiko, Suzan, Bansho, Matt K., Nan, Diane B. and Kodo) allowed us to sand, paint, clean, patch, fix and install lights.  Two trips to the dump and removal of the carpet rounded out the work day.

Sanding, sanding, sandingSanding, sanding, sanding




We enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by Jomon (Thanks!!!) with discussion and reading.

Eat, Read, ConverseEat, Read, Converse





While the flowers grew in our garden in the misty rain. Thank you to all who participated on Saturday and during the week.  Also bows to those who stayed late to complete the sanding.  With gratitude, Kodo

Sun and mistSun and mist

Goings On
Goings On
June 8

Work on the zendo floor, stairway, sanzen room and other parts of Heart of Wisdom continues. Wayne Haack is leading the floor restoration and without him we would not have an increasingly beautiful zendo floor.  Wayne's contribution to this project is invaluable.

Others who have been hard at the hard work this week include Wayne, Doug, Robert, Andy, Evan, Allan, Akim, Zac and Jack (the plumber).  We will soon have hot water!

Thanks to all who came to the last work practice and to those who have been providing food!

Please drop by and see the great progress.

Final Touches: Andy and DougFinal Touches: Andy and Doug

New Zendo Floor
New Zendo Floor
June 4

Things are really happening at Heart of Wisdom, and the place seems to dramatically change daily.  This week, Kodo, Robert, Doug, Andrew, Evan, Lowell, Ryushin and others were really hard at work.  Kodo continues to shepherd all projects, jumping in with an extra hand when needed, running errands, and being generally indispensable.  Doug has been devoting himself to the main stair rail and banister.  Lowell has painted trim.  Ryushin has been hard at work in the zendo, Evan has been working both inside and outside the building.  Andrew has tested the new PA speakers and made sure they'd work with our current PA system, started more sanding work on the Wainscoting outside the zendo and down the main stairs, and is now working with Robert on the rebuild of the sanzen room.  The water heater has been worked on, as has the furnace room.  Nan has been stopping by, keeping us all fed, looking mildly worried, and generally making sure we're not killing ourselves.

The big news is that the zendo floor is finally IN!!  After hunting down additional tongue & groove of about the same age and composition, Wayne and the crew finished installing the floor yesterday at about 3pm!  Hear that?  WE HAVE A ZENDO FLOOR!!!!

You'll obviously notice the current color difference, but have no fear.  Once the floor's resurfaced, it will be indistinguishable from the original wood.

There's still much to do, though, so if you're worried that there'll be no room for your samu energy, well, DON'T!  Don't forget that we have a work day tomorrow, 5/5.  Just show up, and bring your biggest jar of elbow grease!

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