Summer Immersion Program

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 (All day) - Sunday, September 1, 2013 (All day)
Schedule: -None-
Price: Donations welcomed

Each summer we offer two months of residential training where the usual $500/month fee is waived. 

There are two summer periods available; you may apply for either or both months. The dates are:

  • July 5th through August 4th
  • August 6th through September 1st

Residential training at Great Vow Zen Monastery is ongoing, so if the summer dates are not workable for you, you could apply to come at a different time. Our usual fee of $500/month covers the cost of supporting a resident.

There is no fee for the summer program, however, donations during the summer months (or any other time) are very much appreciated. Please consider whether you might be able to donate some amount to help cover the cost of your stay and/or to support our ongoing efforts.

Residents are fully involved in daily meditation (zazen), shared vegetarian meals, and community activities. They participate in all meditation retreats, and participate in or staff all weekend retreats and workshops. Residents also meet Dharma Holders and Teachers individually in private interview. See our calendar to learn what events will be happening during this time. Those applying should be aware that there is very little free time during the week.

We will follow our regular schedule both months of the summer program. See our Daily Schedule for details.

Morning and evening zazen consist of two or four 25 minute periods of meditation. Benches, chairs, and an assortment of meditation cushions are available. Those in the Zendo (meditation hall) are welcome to stand at any time if they are drowsy or extremely uncomfortable.

On Wednesday evenings we have a class on a Buddhist theme and there is no zazen. On Sunday mornings residents participate in a program of meditation and Dharma talk for the public from 10:00am to 2:00pm. From 2:00pm Sunday until 9:00am Tuesday morning there are no scheduled activities and residents are welcome to leave the monastery grounds or spend time at the monastery as they wish.

You may apply for one or both programs. You must begin residency at the beginning of one of these programs, commit to staying for the duration of the program, and be prepared to leave at the end.

Please also see our page on residential training.