Participate with Heart of Wisdom

There are many ways to participate with Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple. The foremost is to join us in the practice of zazen (meditation).

Meditation Schedule

Help with the garden, building maintenance or new building projects.

As we settle into our new building, we will need to continue to grow our garden and rain garden, mow and weed the lawn, in addition to painting, fixing and repairing rooms both upstairs and down.  If you are interested in work practice watch for Community Work Days.  If you have time to work during the week, there are short term or long term jobs which could greatly benefit Heart of Wisdom.

If you would like to volunteer, please email Kodo, the temple manager.

Take on a Service Position

Service positions are a way of bringing our practice to life. Service positions create community as we learn how to work together harmoniously. Service positions challenge our practice and stimulate growth - we may be given the opportunity to learn new skills and engage in activities which may challenge or alter our views of ourselves. By committing to being a stable presence through a service position, members keep the training and practice grounded and alive.

Learn more about Service Positions