Significance of Robe Colors

Significance of robe colors:

The Jizos with BLUE glaze represent the Jizo who safely carries those who have died across the River Sai. This is the river that divides the world of the living from the world of the dead.


The Jizos with GREEN glaze represent the Earthstore Bodhisattva: guardian of the great earth, everything that grows from the earth, and the treasure hidden within it. This also means that Jizo is the guardian of our precious Buddha Nature, which lies hidden in each person until it is cultivated through sincere practice

The Jizo whose robe has a trim of RED FLAMES (cream glaze) is the Jizo who descends into the hell realms to rescue those who are enduring deep suffering. Jizo moves fearlessly through the flames of hell to carry out his vow, even when fire burns the hem of his robe.