• ZenAir Meditation Cushion
    ZenAir Meditation Cushion

    An extraordinarily comfortable meditation cushion. The secret is a durable latex insert designed and made especially for ZenWorks. 

    • The insert is placed in our handmade zafu cover, made from a cotton or cotton-poly broadcloth. 
    • The ZenAir cushion is light, very quiet, easy to inflate and deflate - perfect for home or travel.
    • Originally designed for those who experience hip, back, or leg pain while meditating. The air ball distributes the body's weight evenly to minimize pressure on sensitive points.
    • Comes in black, navy (pictured here), brown, and maroon.

    Praise for the ZenAir:

    "Must tell you. I just came from our midday office sitting session. I'm a lifelong gomden user and resigned to getting up from a session with one foot or the other having fallen asleep. Today I tried the zenair. No tingling, snoring extremities! And I also liked the feeling that my core, my trunk, was engaged in its own subtle mindfulness effort to remain centered and upright throughout. I'll be using it again...and again and again..."

    • Color: Black
  • Kapok Zafu
    Kapok Zafu

    Firmly packed, traditional kapok-filled zafu.

    Approximate dimensions and weight:

    • 12 - 14" wide 
    • 6 - 7" high 
    • 2.5 - 3 lbs

    Available in black, navy (pictured), maroon, and brown.

    • Color: Black
  • Buckwheat Zafu
    Buckwheat Zafu

    Traditional buckwheat-hull-filled zafu.

    Approximate dimensions and weight:

    • 13" wide
    • 4" high
    • 3.5 lbs

    Available in black, navy (pictured), maroon, and brown.

    • Color: Black
  • Zabuton (sitting mat)
    Zabuton (sitting mat)

    This is a substantial cushion, with 5 layers of cotton batting. Although the zabuton may seem overstuffed at first, the batting packs down over time, leaving a normal-height, comfortable zabuton.

    Approximate dimenstions and weight: 

    • 34 - 36" square
    • 4" high (at time of purchase)
    • 7 lbs

    Available in black (pictured), navy, maroon, and brown.

    • Color: Black