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Autumn Ango: A Residential Practice Intensive

October 6 - December 20

"Silent and serene, bright clarity appears before you, when you reflect it you become vast. Where you embody it you are spiritually uplifted." - Hongzhi

It is an ancient tradition, beginning with the Buddha Shakyamuni and his disciples, to set aside months of time each year to simplify and return to the essence of our lives. This is the energy of the natural world in Autumn, and in this spirit we practice Ango.

Ango is a Japanese word that means peaceful dwelling. During this practice period our daily schedule takes on a tone of a light retreat which includes more zazen (about 5.5 hours), body practice (yoga, qi-gong, running/walking in the forest) and increased times of silence. The schedule supports and prepares the heart/mind for the longer sesshins held within the Ango period including the Walking the Ancient Way ten-day sesshin, Gratitude sesshin, and our seven-day Rohatsu sesshin.

Make a peaceful dwelling within your own heart. Discover and clarify your inner refuge.

Ango Schedule

Please contact  with any questions or to arrange a residency during the Ango practice period.