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Autumn Ango: A 68 Day Practice Intensive

October 9 - December 16

"The field of bright spirit is an ancient wilderness that does not change. With boundless eagerness wander around this immaculate wide plain." - Hongzhi

It is an ancient tradition, beginning with the Buddha Shakyamuni and his disciples, to set aside months of time each year to greatly simplify one’s affairs and focus exclusively on meditation practice and the study of the self.

In that spirit, this autumn at Great Vow we will hold an Ango (practice Intensive) - a two-month period of buckle-down, single-minded endeavor. The Ango daily schedule will include more zazen (about 5.5 hours), body practice and increased times of noble silence. The Ango includes the Walking the Ancient Way ten-day sesshin, Gratitude sesshin, and our seven-day Rohatsu sesshin.

This year we will be studying, reading together and gaining inspiration from the Vimalakirti Sutra, an important sutra in the Mahayana Buddhist Cannon, which many scholars feel influenced the Zen koan tradition.

This is a great opportunity to plunge into practice at the monastery and taste the benefits of residential training. Please consider supporting the Ango by joining residents in the daily practice for a day, a week, a month, or more.

Ango Schedule

Please contact the director of training with any questions or to arrange a residency during the Ango practice period.