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Creative Practice Period : Springing From the Source

April 3 - July 1 2018

This Spring, as the gardens, forests and grounds teem with liveliness – we will explore the creative impulse.

Where do things come from? How do they arise? What is it that is alive?

How we engage with the raw experience of this life – ripples out and touches the entire world.

What does our zazen practice teach us about expression? How do we create from the ground of our being? What is the natural expression of our own awareness? What is being asked to be birthed, right now?

Join us for this three-month intensive focused on creative process.

The first half of the period, will focus on the process. Exploring free form creativity and spontaneous expression through a chosen medium. Investigating what blocks and what unlocks creative flow.

During the final 1.5 months we will work on refining, editing and curating a work to be presented in an on-line journal.

The daily schedule will include time for Creative Process, as well as weekly meetings with your creative cohort – to present and discuss your work and process. The Practice Period includes The Painting Experience Process Painting Retreat led by Stewart Cubley and Miraculous Expression Entry into Natural Meditation and the Creative Process by Hojin Jody Kimmel from Zen Mountain Monastery, as well as three weeklong silent meditation retreats (sesshin), Loving Kindness Weekend Retreat and a Workshop Exploring Dream led by Zen Teacher Abby Mushin Terris and Zen Teacher Seido Martin. Attendance in the Painting Experience requires an additional fee.

For more information about residential training and to obtain an application, contact the Director of Training.