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Daimei Marmaduke

Daimei Marmaduke has been a student of Chozen and Hogen Roshi since 2010, and received Jukai in October of 2012. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Care, and a Masters of Arts in Applied Theology in an interfaith program. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, where she specialized in group leadership and the development of trust-based cultures. She became interested in earth-based spirituality as a child, and has considered herself a Pagan since she was thirteen years old, which still influences her Buddhist practice.

Daimei completed her second graduate degree in 2012: a Master’s of Arts in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Ecopsychology, which investigates the interconnection between humans and the natural world. While working to obtain her degree in counseling, Daimei spent one semester as a resident of Great Vow Zen Monastery to deepen her personal practice and to develop more skills in Mindfulness practices to offer clients in her clinical work.

A native of Portland Oregon, Daimei has been singing most of her life. She has sung in many choral settings including Portland Symphonic Girlchoir and Aurora Women’s Chorus. She was trained in vocal techniques and toning by Judith Lynne and has received awards for chant writing. Daimei was trained as an Ino (chant leader) at Great Vow Monastery in 2011. She has more than twenty years of dance experience, in over ten different styles, including ballet, tribal belly dance, modern, African, and ballroom dance. She has been authorized to teach Tantric Dance by her teacher, Loraia Ward of the Scarlet Veil Sisterhood in Ashland, Oregon. Daimei has held workshops on the subjects of dance and spirituality, chanting as spiritual practice, and developed ceremonies to honor life transitions or to address therapeutic needs.