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Martha Ekyo Maezumi

Ekyo Maezumi has been a professional artist since high school, and majored in Fine Arts in college. She has enjoyed working in the form of expression called Zen Brush Painting or Sumi-e for several decades. While living at Zen Center in Los Angeles she illustrated the ZCLA journals and several books. Her talent emerged in lively and sometimes humorous paintings of characters from koans, and "Couples' Gifts", portraying the two animals of the Asian zodiac for each person. Currently she works with the Buddhist pantheon including depictions of the Buddha, Jizo, Kannon, and Bodhidharma.

Ekyo loves the simplicity, fresh vibrance, and profound immediacy of Zen brushwork, which expresses insights from our life and practice in a powerful and direct way, affirming Zen as a vital, living experience.