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All Events At Great Vow Zen Monastery and Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple Are Postponed

The Zen Community of Oregon, Great Vow Zen Monastery and Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple are continuing to hold you in our hearts as the news of the spread of COVID-19 continues to circulate. As many of you are aware the number of confirmed cases in the United States continues to grow (including in the state of Oregon), in response many colleges, universities, schools, professional athletic institutions, churches and Zen centers are postponing and cancelling public events.

The Abbots Chozen, Roshi and Hogen, Roshi and Sangha teachers and leaders have decided to postpone all events at Great Vow Zen Monastery and Heart of Wisdom at least until the end of April. This includes all Scheduled Meditation Times, Sunday Program, Sesshin, Workshops, Retreats and New Residencies. 

We see this prudent action as an act of compassion to our global collective community and local health care systems. Epidemiologists recommend that limiting social contacts will help flatten the curve, hopefully lessening the highspeed spread of the virus and quelling unnecessary deaths. We intend to stay connected. The monastery will continue to function in a cloistered way and we are investigating on-line options to stream teachings. More on this soon!

If you were registered for a paid event, you will be receiving a reimbursement as soon as we are able. Feel free to contact the with any questions or concerns.

How fortunate we are to have this Dharma practice. We can navigate the uncertainty, anxiety and fear that may arise with non-judgemental awareness, self-compassion, loving kindness and care. We know how to and can practice grounding our attention in the present, feeling our feelings directly and facing fears head on. Yes, the truth of impermanence tells us this too will change, may we ride this wave with wisdom, love and calm.

Staying calm and not giving into the anxious thoughts and reactions may be one of our greatest offerings as Zen practitioners.

The Zen Community of Oregon isn't going anywhere. And we are looking for ways to support Dharma practice in community, even if we are unable to meet in person.

We will be following up with more information about practice supports, video teaching and live streaming. Hogen, Roshi is committed to making opportunities via web-based platforms for face to face teachings. We also want to support you in setting up a home meditation practice. It is out intention to provide many entry points to help you continue to practice and stay connected during this pandemic.

Loving kindness knows no bounds and can be practiced anytime, anywhere. May all beings be free from suffering. May all beings be well. May all beings find happiness.

If you have any questions or need additional support, please don't hesitate to reach out, Jogen and Kisei are available at Great Vow 503-728-0654 and Kodo and Bansho are also available.

We don't know how this virus will affect us or our community. We can be prepared, responsible and practice acceptance, curiosity and not-knowing. Please keep your hearts open wide and your practice strong. The world needs it. And also, stay connected. New teaching videos are available on our YouTube Channel and new Dharma Talks are being uploaded on our Podcast Channel.

You'll be hearing from us. Please take good care of yourself, your loved ones and your community in the best way you know how.