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Ango 2017: Intending the Heart toward our Awakening



Awakening to Whiteness

As practitioners of the Dharma, as long as race exists as an aspect of being and society, we are obligued to examine it. - Greg Snyder


Becoming the Wild Beauty: Notes from the Wilderness Sesshin

The wilderness speaks true Dharma!
To those who know how to listen.
Just walk deep into the forest & forget the person you thought you were.
Be natural - sit, walk, run, sleep & eat.

Heeding the Call of the Unseen Life : Great Vow's Summer Program

There is a moment when the fall appears in consciousness...its distinguishing feature is that is calls our entire life into question. Whether we recognize this first moment of the journey is not important; it is where it leads us that counts. -John Tarrant


It's Summer at Great Vow: Discovering Practice, Embodying the Way

Its Summer at Great Vow
17 new residents
Bursting, bright, blushing, bold
Unprecedented Exuberance for Enlightenment
Every breath a Newness
Thank goodness
The peak of Jizo Mountain is Broad
Supporting all beings
with the heart to practice.

The Search


Lying Down in the Garden: The Passion and Presence of Gardening By Haley Myoyu Voekel

When you lie down in the garden, the dirt will cover your hair and your clothes. It will get into your pockets, onto your scalp, and smear across your shin. It will, if you lie there long enough, change your body into itself. It will swallow you whole.