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Nourishing the Bellies of Awakening: Meet our Tenzo (Head Cook) Kennyo Dunn



Living the Heart's Aspiration: A Teacher is Born

In our tradition living by vow is the way to truly respect our life potential, cherishing and not taking for granted the brief opportunity of this lifetime.


Complete Awakening: Practicing at Sogenji by Soten

Sogenji was pretty good to me….


Filling a Silver Bowl with Snow

The entire universe is One Bright Pearl. It means that the entire universe is neither vast nor minute, neither square nor round. It is not neutral, not active, and not obvious.


Are You Afraid of This Happiness?

Every November, we host a weeklong silent meditation retreat themed on generosity and gratitude. In this spirit, we do not charge a fixed rate for the retreat, but instead ask for donations of food. The cook then only uses the food that is given to craft the meals for the week. A container woven together from the generosity of the Sangha, we enter the retreat aware of and opened to the dance of giver, receiver and gift, somehow sitting on the apex of each.


Gratitude and Good Bye From Myoyu Haley Voekel

I have run in terror through the woods. The grounds have been watered with my tears. I have bolted from the Zendo, the Oryoki table, Closing Circle and Sunday lunch.

            Not a runner but hoping to run forever. To move faster than thought. To outrun my tormented past and unknowable future.


The Hungry Heart

Calling all you Hungry Hearts

Everywhere through endless time.

“Feel the restlessness” Hogen Roshi guides, “I want food. I want comfort. I want to be loved. I want to check out. I want to be right. I want to know. I want to be cared for. I want to be happy. I want wisdom. I want clarity. I want peace. I want…I want…I want.”

You who wander, you who thirst


Relying on the Heart's Aspiration by Chozen Roshi


Ever-deepening Intimacy


To study and practice Dharma, and not really know what is going on underneath the robe, is cause for the greatest pain.


“Look intimately at your direct experience,” Hogen Roshi instructs. “Look at the floor,” at seeing, at breath, at body, at space, vast and timeless, complete and whole—“everything is reaching out to you.”



Practicing in the World, as the World

Xiushan said, "What can you do about the world?"

Dizang said, "What do you call the world?"


What brings us to the Dharma? Inspiration? Aspiration? Personal Transformation? Freedom?  Love? Vow? A call from the world?