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New Zendo Floor
New Zendo Floor
June 4

Things are really happening at Heart of Wisdom, and the place seems to dramatically change daily.  This week, Kodo, Robert, Doug, Andrew, Evan, Lowell, Ryushin and others were really hard at work.  Kodo continues to shepherd all projects, jumping in with an extra hand when needed, running errands, and being generally indispensable.  Doug has been devoting himself to the main stair rail and banister.  Lowell has painted trim.  Ryushin has been hard at work in the zendo, Evan has been working both inside and outside the building.  Andrew has tested the new PA speakers and made sure they'd work with our current PA system, started more sanding work on the Wainscoting outside the zendo and down the main stairs, and is now working with Robert on the rebuild of the sanzen room.  The water heater has been worked on, as has the furnace room.  Nan has been stopping by, keeping us all fed, looking mildly worried, and generally making sure we're not killing ourselves.

The big news is that the zendo floor is finally IN!!  After hunting down additional tongue & groove of about the same age and composition, Wayne and the crew finished installing the floor yesterday at about 3pm!  Hear that?  WE HAVE A ZENDO FLOOR!!!!

You'll obviously notice the current color difference, but have no fear.  Once the floor's resurfaced, it will be indistinguishable from the original wood.

There's still much to do, though, so if you're worried that there'll be no room for your samu energy, well, DON'T!  Don't forget that we have a work day tomorrow, 5/5.  Just show up, and bring your biggest jar of elbow grease!

May 15 - Work Practice
May 15 - Work Practice
May 16

On Sunday a crew of hardy working zennies diligently removed nails to prepare wood which will be milled for the zendo trim work.

Ron extracting 100 year old nailsRon extracting 100 year old nails

More good works...
More good works...
May 7

Crews of workers put down the underlayment for our new floor, framed in the furnace room, clean all around, fixed our lights, removed stones and concrete from out front, stained the zendo molding, removed paint and nails, worked in the garden and prepared us lunch.

An amazing amount of work was accomplished amid friendship, harmony and fun.

A Leap Towards Moving
A Leap Towards Moving
May 7

Last week and today's Work Practice moved us significantly closer to our June move in date for Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple.

This past week Danno and crew painted the zendo.Rolling on the new colorRolling on the new color

David put on the finishing touches.Putting on new moldingPutting on new molding

Dharma Holder
Dharma Holder
May 6

Head of Heart of Wisdom Ango for 2010-2011, Larry Fuho Trussell, engaged the Sangha in an End of Ango Ceremony.  He spoke about the koan Sekiso's Hundred Foot Pole.  As part of the ceremony the sangha had an opportunity to ask questions to better understand Fuho's wisdom.


Fuho has been practicing Zen Buddhism for more than 30 years.  He has completed the Sanghakai Program through ZCO, studied with Chozen and Hogen for more than a decade and has lead the Tuesday night sitting group for the last year and a half.  At the closing of The End of Ango Ceremony, Fuho was given a purple rakusu and was desginated as a Dharma Holder.


Congratulations and thank you, Fuho.

Things Are Happening!
Things Are Happening!
April 27

Lots of activity at Heart of Wisdom!

The furnaces arrived yesterday and they are being installed.

The ceiling is clean....tons of dust has disappeared.

The furnace room floor is just about ready for new concrete.

Waiting in LIneWaiting in LIne

The Zendo is ready for paint.

Thanks to the hard work of Evan, Zac, Jerzy, Lowell and Robert.

Bansho took this picture.  He was one of several people who came by the Temple today to see the progress.




April 18

As you can see from the picture we were getting ready to place the last piece of sheet rock in the zendo!!

Sheet rocking gangSheet rocking gang

The Sunday sheet rock crew of Evan, Lowell, Susan, and I worked from 9 to 7 to get the work done.  In the afternoon a request went out for some more help and John B. and Margaret joined us then Hogen arrived and added some urgency to our work.


Well done. This crew was hard worked to the very last screw was safely in place.  Thank you all for helping to pull off this sheet rock miracle.


Great new!  We got a couple of donations and will now hire a crew to do the mudding, taping, and texturing.  They will start this week.


The big tie rods will go in today and we will then focus on cleaning the ceiling, painting the zendo and of course gardening.


Gassho many times,




A Sheet Rocking Day!
A Sheet Rocking Day!
April 16

April 16, 2011


Sparks flew at Heart of Wisdom today and the work practice crew did a tremendous job in completing the insulating and getting the sheet rock well on the way to completion.


Thanks to all who came out and worked so diligently....Evan, Brad, Teiko, Doug, Rob. H, David R, Darah, Susan, Ryushin, Fred, Gensho, Zac, Jerzy, Wayne, Danno and Hogen who has worked at Heart of Wisdom all week until he couldn't work any more then he came back on Saturday.


Teiko and David R.: Tools of the tradeTeiko and David R.: Tools of the trade

Besides working on the insulation and sheet rock, Wayne was there to look at the wainscotting which once planed looks very nice.  Danno was there to coordinate the painting.  Zac and Jersey are getting the long tie rods together...that is why sparks were flying as two 20 ft. rods were welded together.  Michael Hull came by to begin a plan to approach business to help with our outside projects.

Wayne and Susan: Before and AfterWayne and Susan: Before and After



We also have some new beautiful plants donated by Nan and Allen with Robert and Evan's help in transporting them.


It really lifts my heart to see all the hard work and dedication that is going into Heart of Wisdom. 


Thank you everyone!!


Metta and gasho,







We will have another work practice tomorrow Sunday April 17 9 - 3:00 with the hopes of finishing the sheet rock.  We decided to have a professional crew come in and do that part.  We got a good price and a $1,000 donation!

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