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January 6

This web site has been having issues with creating new user accounts, registering for events, and making payments. We are working to solve these problems while we build a new web site.

If you have been unable to process your new account or registration, please click here to let us know. It will help us fix the problem if you can give us exact details of what didn't work. You can also register and make payments by calling the registrar at 503-728-0654.

We have temporarily disabled audio and video files while we work on the web site.

Please also let us know if you encounter other issues with the site as well. 

Thank you for your patience!

Web Team

Ordination of Kisei and Soten
Ordination of Kisei and Soten
December 12

On Sunday December 8th, at the completion of a vital Rohatsu Sesshin,  Amy Kisei Costenbader and Danney Soten Lynch, before a Sangha gathering of seventy people including their parents , recieved Tokudo, Novice Priest's ordination. L to R  Kisei Costenbader and Soten Lynch

L to R Kisei Costenbader and Soten Lynch

In addition to the 16 Bodhisattva Precepts, the ordainee's took the following Life Vows:

I vow to walk the path of the Buddha, living an ethical life and becoming enlightened.

I vow to study the Dharma; working to understand the true nature of everyone and everything I encounter.

I vow to help the Sangha, practicing generosity with all my resources.

I vow to undertake a life of simplicity, living with few personal possesions.

I vow to undertake a life of service, working to nurture people's deepest aspirations.

I vow to undertake a life of stability, honoring my comittments by being patient, tolerant, and steadfast in practice and relationships.

For Five Years: 

I vow to follow my teacher's direct guidance.

I vow to live at and support Great Vow Zen Monastery.

I vow to serve Zen Community of Oregon, Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple and other local communities.

Thank you Kisei and Soten for your inspiring comittments!


Picture of Great Vow and guest OrdainedZCO and guest Ordained group

Sanghakai Graduation
Sanghakai Graduation
November 13

On Sunday November 10th a graduation ceremony was held honoring the completion of the third cycle of Sanghakai training.  Sanghakai is a 3-year program for senior ZCO students designed to cultivate different aspects of Sangha service and leadership. The 2013 graduates are (wearing blue rakusu, pictured from top left to bottom right) Janine Seitetsu Larsen, Kari Kishin Lindahl, Nina Eimyo Meladandri, Laura Jomon Martin, Patrick Bansho Green, Ryushin Creedon and Ed Gensho Welsh.  Not in the photograph is graduate Anne Senryu Pechovnik.

Fall Practice Period
Fall Practice Period
October 13

For the first time since moving into Heart of Wisdom, we are holding an Ango, or Fall Practice Period. The period began October 6 and will continue through November 24. Participants may join us any time4.

Those choosing to participate have the opportunity to make an Ango commitment. This year the common commitment is to increase zazen time, by attending more regularly-scheduled meditation at the temple, sesshin, and through home practice. Each person determines what that means individually. There are commitment cards at the temple to be filled out.

Some find that making time for extra zazen challenging. In Case 21 from the Book of Serenity, Yunyan Sweeps the Ground, Yunyan says, “There is one who isn’t busy.” During the Fall Practice Period we will consider the koan, “Who is the one who is busy?”

Also during this time we will be studying Voluntary Simplicity, a five-session curriculum from the Northwest Earth Institute, facilitated by Jomon. Please see the separate calendar items for the discussion groups beginning on October 6.

Questions may be directed to Kodo, Jomon, Bansho, Eimyo, Ryushin, Seiko, or Fuho at the temple.

Double Your Donation to the Founders' Dinner!
Double Your Donation to the Founders' Dinner!
September 2

A generous benefactor has offered to match every monetary donation made for the Founders' Dinner, between now and September 14, whether you are attending the dinner or not. This is your chance to double the value of your contribution!

Click here to make your donation. You will receive a confirmation letter with tax-deductible information.

Thank you for your support!

Donate to the Silent Auction!
August 13

Act now - don't delay!

It's time to send us your auction items for the Heart of Wisdom Founders' Dinner - the sooner the better. The dinner is on September 14, so we need your donations now!

What can you donate for the Silent Auction? Here are some suggestions:

Buddhist and handmade items
A weekend at the beach
Your services (house cleaning, hauling, fixing, mending)
Dinner delievered, or at your house with your family
Tempting desserts
Handmade samue
Meditation supplies
Buddhist-focused or other art work

From high priced to inexpensive—brand-new or heirloom—use your imagination! We welcome all items; they are your tax deductible donation to Heart of Wisdom.

To learn more about participating, click here. Don't delay!

Mushin's Sangha Transmission
Mushin's Sangha Transmission
July 31

We're delighted to announce that Abby Mushin Terris received Sangha Transmission from Chozen and Hogen Bays on July 27th and is fully empowered as a lay teacher. She received the transmission name "Ho-en", or "Dharma Garden", which is also the name of her zendo.


This transmission acknowledges Mushin’s decades of sustained practice and maturity in Dharma. The term “Sangha Transmission” refers to the role of the sangha in recognizing and co-creating a person as a Zen teacher.  Mushin has led a warm and vital sangha sitting group in Corvallis since 1992.


Mushin has studied with several teachers including Robert Aitken Roshi, Genki Takabayashi Roshi, Joan Rieck Roshi as well as twenty years of practice with Chozen Bays, Roshi and Zen Community of Oregon.



Mushin's sangha, the Corvallis Zen Circle, sewed her a new brown rakusu with donated and dyed scraps of fabric. This was in honor of a tradition dating back to the time of the Buddha, when robes were made of donated and discarded pieces of cloth dyed with saffron and turmeric.


On July 28th, during the Sunday program at Great Vow, Mushin's transmission was publicly celebrated and she gave a talk and fielded questions.



Summer Residents and Construction
Summer Residents and Construction
July 18

The July Summer residents are a lively and dedicated batch from all over North America. 

Pre-lunch FacePre-lunch Face

Serious Zen Student FaceSerious Zen Student Face

Sanzen/Tea House

The Sanzen/Tea House, placed in the bamboo grove outside the Resident's Dorm, is coming along splendidly. Shoki Cleary, pictured above, is the designer and chief carpenter.

Thanks to all who have and will contribute!


Shrine of Vows

Bill Dainen Kelley Assembling the Shrine of Vows piece by piece.


The Shrine of Vows, tucked away behind the field, will be a place to make, honor and seal our deep intentions in life. There will be an altar where symbols of our vows can be placed.

Stay posted for more details on this lovely addition to the Monastery.

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