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Acts of Love: Sewing Face Masks in Quarantine

Understanding the shortages at local health care centers, self-quarantined residents at Great Vow Monastery has begun joined the national movement to  sew simple face masks for distribution to The Amber Assisted Living community in Clatskanie, St John Medical Center in Longview, Local Community members available now at Hi School Pharmacy in Clatskanie and Sangha Members.

The nationwide shortage of respirators has health care workers reusing the few respirators on hand when they move from patient to patient. The grass roots movement provides hospital and health care facility workers with some level of protection to limit the spread of coronavirus infection. Many doctors are now using the home-stitched donated face masks to cover their more efficient N95 respirators so they can prolong their usage.

A throwback to the design of face masks used in medicine for decades before modern filtered N95 respirators became an industry standard, the simple tie-back style being produced at Clatskanie’s Great Vow Monastery are meant for the control of airborne related diseases, both for medical personnel and visiting patients. 

Chozen Roshi has been quoting the slogan from the Czech Republic “My mask saves your life, and your mask saves my life.”