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Shuso Hosen Talk: Everyone Has Their Own Light by Kennyo Dunn


Why Practice? By Myoyu Haley Voekel


Engaged Buddhism

Here at ZCO we are discovering that we are all Engaged Buddhist…we are Engaged in taking care of one another and in the well-being of others.  We are Engaged in practicing the precepts daily life and in all our affairs and our daily life.  We are Engaged in responding with compassion to the cries of the world.  We are Engaged in the work of passing on the light of the Dharma in a world where we teach that there is no separation.


Awakening in this Dream World: Notes from a Dreamwork Retreat

In the dreamy world
Dreaming, we talk about dreams.
We seldom know
Which is, and is not, dreaming
Let us, then, dream as we must. — Ryokan

“There are Four facets of Dreamwork that are very relevant to our practice,” says Zen Teacher Seido Martin to a room full of monastery residents gathered together some more willfully then others, to investigate, encounter and illuminate the ephemeral koan of dream.


Manifesting this Sacred Life: Stewart Cubley's Principles of Creative Process

There is a thread flowing through you connecting you moment to moment. —Stewart Cubley

Over the past seven years, we have been hosting and participating in an annual event called the Painting Experience, led by Stewart Cubley. Hogen Roshi was actually the first one to become interested in it, after observing the transformation of one of his close students through the process.


Chozen Roshi's Practice Slogans

This is an article that Chozen Jan Bays, Roshi wrote for Tricycle as folks completed a challenge to meditate everyday for the month of March. Below she makes some comments to help us stay on the path of practice as we make practice more an integral part of our lives.

We practice in the good times to be ready for the difficult times.


A Baby Buddha is Born - Kennyo's Ordination Ceremony

Kennyo’s ordination culminated after a week of silent sitting in the crystal ice palace of Pari-Nirvana Sesshin — as residents and retreatants let go into the snow’s silent embrace, letting the silence permeate the heart/mind and teach us about the fundamental silence of our own being.


Hearing Beyond the Sound : An Interview with Jogen

Live-blended soundscapes enchant awareness as Jogen Beyond-J enters the stream of DJ to provide a listening experience accessible to anyone willing to sit down and open to the waves of sound blessing the Heart of Wisdom zendo.