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Chozen Roshi's Practice Slogans

This is an article that Chozen Jan Bays, Roshi wrote for Tricycle as folks completed a challenge to meditate everyday for the month of March. Below she makes some comments to help us stay on the path of practice as we make practice more an integral part of our lives.

We practice in the good times to be ready for the difficult times.


A Baby Buddha is Born - Kennyo's Ordination Ceremony

Kennyo’s ordination culminated after a week of silent sitting in the crystal ice palace of Pari-Nirvana Sesshin — as residents and retreatants let go into the snow’s silent embrace, letting the silence permeate the heart/mind and teach us about the fundamental silence of our own being.


Hearing Beyond the Sound : An Interview with Jogen

Live-blended soundscapes enchant awareness as Jogen Beyond-J enters the stream of DJ to provide a listening experience accessible to anyone willing to sit down and open to the waves of sound blessing the Heart of Wisdom zendo.


Why do we wake up so early? : Residential Practice at Great Vow

This is my life. The length of my days. Day and night I meditate upon it.


Its 4AM and the wake up bell is sounding. Is this a dream? Where am I? What am I doing here?


The Still Point of the Turning World

Revolve. She says. The heavens, the earth, our seasons, even our lives – circle. Let the body circle, spin, whirl, rotate – move in ways perhaps you have never moved before – we are being guided into the dance by Martha Boesing who co-leads a women’s retreat at the monastery leading up to the New Year – with her partner Sandy Boucher.


What am I Being Given?

Tucked in the heart of Autumn, in the heart of Ango - we at the monastery practice Gratitude Sesshin. A unique offering in our Sangha, as we waive the fees and ask participants, residents and the entire Sangha to bring a donation of food to help support and sustain the meals of the retreat.


Awakening to Whiteness

As practitioners of the Dharma, as long as race exists as an aspect of being and society, we are obligued to examine it. - Greg Snyder


Becoming the Wild Beauty: Notes from the Wilderness Sesshin

The wilderness speaks true Dharma!
To those who know how to listen.
Just walk deep into the forest & forget the person you thought you were.
Be natural - sit, walk, run, sleep & eat.