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Founded on Generosity

ZCO hosted its annual Founder's Day benefit dinner with the Bodhidharma-inspired theme "Eyes Wide Open to the Future." All money raised went to help pay off the monastery's mortgage. 

Sangha member Janine remarked how in previous groups, the asking had been more aggressive. "Maybe they would raise more money that way," she said, "But then people might feel like the monastery owed them something. Here, it really is all our monastery." 



"Why do we chant 'Mu! Mu! Mu!' during kinhin?" Chozen asked. "From one point of view, it's totally absurd." 

We took our places around the zendo perimeter facing out, her question lingering. When we'd discovered this new seating arrangement, Nadia lamented, "Oh, that's...lonely." "Yup!" Chozen smiled mischievously. "It's just you, the wall, and your mind." 


Super Moon

On Sunday, September 27th, Hogen Roshi and Chozen Roshi celebrated Heart of Wisdom’s monthly Full Moon Metta Meditation. That night we and the whole world watched a "super moon" full lunar eclipse. A super moon happens when the moon is full and at its closest to the earth. A super moon eclipse won’t happen again until 2033.


Photo by Doug Onkatsu Kagel


Earth Days

As the high summer sun puffed out his chest and preened himself, we made like the chip-monks stuffing our boots with seeds and gathered pears by the wagonful.

A Mighty Vow

The zendo brimmed with friendly witnesses as Shinei took the vows of priesthood.

Chant for Peace featured in NW Dharma News

Pounding hand drums. The bluegrass honkey-tonk reminding us to be joyful and give thanks in all circumstances. Waltzing through moonlit hallways. The jingling waterfall of bells during Jizo Shingon. Our 24-hr Interfaith Chant for Peace is being featured in Northwest Dharma Association's online fall issue, and you can read the whole article here! 


Filled with Loving-Kindness

The hot wind blows, stripping soil to dust and many green-cloaked things to a naked brown. We're on clockwork garden water duty, and it's a good thing Buddhists don't care so much about hair, as those of us who still have it are beginning to look a bit like jolly scarecrows.

The Colors of Summer

Stop telling stories. That's the first piece of advice given new residents at Great Vow Zen Monastery in pastoral Clatskanie, Oregon. Get out of your head and into your body. See what you learn.


Jukai Ceremony for Kyosei

On Wednesday evening, June 11, Cathy received the Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts in a Jukai ceremony held at Great Vow. 


A Different Kind of Training

April 2, 2015

Today three residents at Great Vow Zen Monastery, Tyler, Janet, and Haley, had a lesson in the care and safe use of chain saws.