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June 2020
06/05 Monastery Embracing the Joys and Sorrows of the World: A Weekend Loving Kindness Meditation Retreat On-line
06/06 Monastery Stop the Hate: 24 Hour Vigil of Remembrance
06/06 Offsite Speaking and Listening from the Heart: A Dharma-Based Forum to Bear Witness
06/07 16 Precepts Class with Zen Teacher Fuho
06/07 16 Precepts Class with Zen Teacher Kodo
06/13 Offsite Fostering Resilience Through Nature : A Day of Immersion In the Healing Power of Earth, Online
06/15 Monastery Awakening the Boundless Qualities of the Heart: An Online Meditation Retreat
06/26 Offsite Absorbing World Sound: A Daylong Listening Meditation Experience Online
July 2020
07/10 Monastery Weekend Meditation Retreat On-line
07/18 Offsite Transforming the Inner Critic—Saturday Workshop Online
07/20 Monastery Cultivating the Empty Field Sesshin: A 6 Day Meditation Retreat On-line
07/27 Offsite 5 Precepts Classes with Zen Teacher Kodo
August 2020
08/01 Monastery 24-Hour Interfaith Chant for Peace—A Day of Song and Chants for Peace On-line
08/02 Offsite Wilderness Backpacking Sesshin
08/07 Monastery Loving Kindness Weekend Meditation Retreat Online
08/17 Monastery Grasses, Trees, and the Great Earth Sesshin: A 6-Day Meditation Retreat Online
September 2020
09/08 Monastery Universe Somatic Weeklong Meditation Retreat (Formerly Roaring Stillness)
October 2020
10/01 Monastery Daughters of Emptiness: A Meditation Retreat for Women
10/06 Monastery Autumn Ango: Great Vow's 60-day Intensive Practice Period
10/15 Monastery Walking the Ancient Way Sesshin: A Ten Day Meditation Retreat
November 2020
11/16 Monastery Gratitude Sesshin: A 6-Day Meditation Retreat
December 2020
12/06 Monastery Rohatsu Sesshin—Led by ZCO Teachers