Grasses, Trees and the Great Earth: An Outdoor Meditation Retreat

Date: August 16 - 22, 2021

Time: Monday 5pm to Sunday 1pm

Location: Onsite

Price: $75 - $380

Grasses, Trees and the Great Earth: An Outdoor Meditation Retreat

August 16 - 22, 2021

Monday 5pm to Sunday 1pm

Earth body, sky heart. Rooted and flowing. Luminous and open. We are made of earth and sky, of wind breath and rain song, our lives woven from the teachings of the natural world.

This retreat is an opportunity to re-connect and relax into the wild, ancient, wisdom of the Grasses, Trees and Great Earth. We will spend time learning from each of the five elements, as they manifest in our experience. Deeply exploring and releasing into our interconnection with the living, breathing body of the Earth, waters, energizing air, bright fiery sun, and vast spacious sky.

This retreat is held at Great Vow Zen Monastery. Due to this retreat being held mostly outdoors, we are not planning a Zoom option for attending this retreat.


Approximate Schedule

Monday Night

7:30 Orientation
8:30 Zazen/Opening Talk

Tuesday – Saturday
5:30 Zazen
6:50 Chanting Service
7:30 Breakfast

9:00 Work Practice

11:30 Zazen
12:50 Chanting Service
1:00 Lunch

3:00 Movement
3:30 Teisho (Dharma Talk)
4:30 Zazen
5:20 Chanting Service

5:30 Dinner

7:00 Zazen
9:30 Formal Tea/Closing Chant/Zazen

Sunday Morning

6:00 Zazen/Closing Remarks

7:00 Closing Circle

10:00 Sunday Program Chanting Service/Zazen

11:30 Dharma Talk


Kisei Costenbader, Sensei
Kodo Conover