Jizo Bodhisattva Sesshin

Date: September 13 - 19, 2021

Time: Monday 5pm to Sunday 1pm

Location: Online

Price: $75 - $150

Jizo Bodhisattva Sesshin

September 13 - 19, 2021

Monday 5pm to Sunday 1pm

This retreat will focus on the qualities of Jizo Bodhisattva, guardian of all that comes from the earth, and Jizo’s qualities – benevolence, optimism, fearlessness, determination, and vow. A unique element of this retreat is the inclusion of time devoted to art projects, creative time, and a slide show and talk about Jizo.

As part of our practice, we will be making small Jizo-related items.

For those who are attending the retreat via zoom, please acquire a few supplies for rock-painting and sculpting a Jizo:

A rock-painting kit.  Here are a couple relatively inexpensive examples of a rock-painting kit for under $20 at Amazon, or Michael’s

All you really need is some acrylic paint, some paint brushes, and rocks.  A black or metallic sharpie marker can also be useful.

Sculpey clay.  Sculpey is a bakeable polymer clay available at any craft store or even at some supermarkets in the art supplies aisle. You can get a set of a few colors, or just one color, as you can also paint it.  Modeling clay works well too.

This retreat has been moved to online-only due to the surge of the Covid Delta variant and the difficulty in getting tests. Please contact the registrar for more info.


Approximate Schedule

Monday Night

7:30 Orientation
8:30 Zazen/Opening Talk

Tuesday – Saturday
5:30 Zazen
6:50 Chanting Service
7:30 Breakfast

9:00 Work Practice

11:30 Zazen
12:50 Chanting Service
1:00 Lunch

3:00 Slideshow or Art Practice
5:20 Chanting Service

5:30 Dinner

7:00 Zazen
9:30 Formal Tea/Closing Chant/Zazen

Sunday Morning

6:00 Zazen/Closing Remarks

7:00 Closing Circle

10:00 Sunday Program Chanting Service/Zazen

11:30 Dharma Talk


Jan Chozen Bays, Roshi
Laura Jomon Martin