Hungry Ghost Ceremony

Date: November 1, 2020

Time: 10A - 12:15P

Location: Great Vow Zen Monastery


Registrar, Onshin

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Hungry Ghost Ceremony

November 1, 2020

10A - 12:15P

Calling all you hungry hearts

Everywhere through endless time

You who wonder, you who thirst

I offer you – this bodhi mind

Gather round and share this meal

Your joy and your sorrow, I make it mine


Join us for this annual ceremony that acknowledges the hungry heart – that hungry part of us that is never satisfied and is always wanting more. More food, more sex, more pleasurable states, more enriching experiences. This never satisfied part is the part of the collective that leads us to exploit the natural world and others. This ceremony recognizes that this part of us that is never satisfied is the same part that gives rise to the aspiration for awakening.

In this ceremony we honor this part of ourselves, we welcome it, we embrace it, we feed it treats and loving kindness, allowing it to sit at the table of ourselves. We then recognize its wisdom, its desire to be loved and accepted, to be included. We allow this energy to transform into compassion and collective care. As wisdom emerges from acceptance and integration. We affirm together our vow to help all beings on the path to liberation.

Join us for this special ceremony. Bring a treat to the zoom room that will feed your hungry heart.

The meeting link can be found below.

The event begins at 10A with meditation.

Talk and ceremony begin at 11A


Hogen Bays, Roshi
Jan Chozen Bays, Roshi