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April 2015
04/28 Monastery Awakening to All-Pervasive Sacredness: A Residential Meditation Retreat with Anam Thubten
May 2015
05/07 Monastery The Insight of Not-One, Not-Two: A Path of Love, Purpose, and Non-Discrimination – A retreat in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh
05/18 Monastery Honoring the Ancestors Sesshin
05/23 Monastery Jizo Ceremony for those who have died
05/28 Monastery Hanging Loosely In Spaciousness: A Dzogchen retreat with Keith Dowman
June 2015
06/01 Monastery Summer Residency Program: June
06/05 Monastery Beginner's Mind Weekend Retreat
06/12 Monastery Transforming the Inner Critic—Weekend workshop
06/16 Monastery Mindful Eating-Conscious Living: A Foundational Professional Training
06/22 Monastery Summer Breeze: The Winds of Impermanence Sweep Everywhere
July 2015
07/01 Monastery Summer Residency Program: July
07/04 Monastery Fourth of July Celebration
07/10 Monastery Beginner's Mind Weekend Retreat
07/20 Monastery Loving Kindness Sesshin
August 2015
08/01 Monastery 24-Hour Interfaith Chant for Peace—13th Annual
08/07 Monastery Beginner's Mind Weekend Retreat
08/14 Monastery Transforming the Inner Critic—Weekend workshop
08/17 Monastery Grasses, Trees, and the Great Earth Sesshin
08/29 Monastery Annual Jizo Bon Festival
September 2015
09/11 Monastery Arinna Weisman Retreat
09/18 Monastery Mindful Eating Retreat
09/21 Monastery Koans Sesshin—with Chozen Bays, Roshi and Kim Hoben Hansen
October 2015
10/06 Monastery Great Vow Ango: Intensive Practice Period
10/09 Monastery Ango Opening Meditation Retreat
10/15 Monastery Walking the Ancient Way Sesshin
10/30 Monastery Roaring Stillness Weekend Meditation Retreat—with Adam Jogen Salzberg
November 2015
11/09 Monastery Gratitude Sesshin
11/26 Monastery Holiday Sangha Party at Great Vow
December 2015
12/04 Monastery Beginner's Mind Retreat
12/06 Monastery Rohatsu Sesshin—with Chozen Bays, Roshi, and Hogen Bays, Roshi
12/18 Monastery Mindful Eating Retreat
12/28 Monastery A New Year’s Retreat for Women with Martha Boesing and Sandy Boucher