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Hand Painted Quan Yin


Each of these strikingly beautiful Quan Yin statues are individually hand carved and hand painted, making them truly one of a kind. Not only is the intricate painted design unique to each statue but each face also has it's own distinctive look - dignified, meditative, beneficent, devoted, compassionate. Let us pick the perfect one for you!

These statues are made by artists in Bali out of Bentiwas wood, a light-colored , sustainably-harvested tropical wood. Approximately 12" tall and 5.5" wide. They are brought to us by our friend Victoria at the Garden of Buddhas Statuary. Victoria has this to say about one of the artists:

"I am very grateful to be able to work with Anom. He has a wonderful energy himself and a deep spiritual core that manifests in how he takes care of everything and everyone around him, and it comes through in his carving. I keep one of his statues in my office. When I feel stressed I take the time to look at it and I remember the feeling of deep calm that is always available to us at our core. There is a word here – halus – which means refined, dignified, excellent character, and quality. And Anom is halus in the best sense of the word. His life is simple in material things and rich in quality."

Price: $150.00