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Thank you for joining Zen Community of Oregon!

The mission of Zen Community of Oregon is to make accessible the teachings and practice of Zen Buddhism. ZCO Members are stewards of the community providing ongoing, regular support for the daily activity of our monastery and temple, as well as outreach to the wider community. Membership is an important step in beginning your path of practice with ZCO and deepens your relationship to the Dharma.

Upon receiving your application, the Membership Committee will contact you to provide additional membership information and answer any questions you may have.

Zen Community of Oregon is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Your contributions are tax deductible and an accounting is available as needed.

Benefits of Membership

  • Discount on sesshin and workshops; may attend sesshin on a part time basis
  • Borrowing privileges at the Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple library
  • Access to Heart of Wisdom meditation hall during open times, and reduced rates
    for building rentals
  • Voting rights at the annual meeting and other times, after one year of membership
  • Eligibility to serve on the board after three years of membership
  • Sanzen (private interview with Teachers)

Please select a payment method and membership level below.

To stop automatic payments and to cancel your membership
Please contact the ZCO bookkeeper to stop automatic payments or to cancel your membership. Due to the considerable number of retreats at the monastery, please allow 14 days for your request to take effect.

Membership payments will be processed monthly until you cancel. 

Membership Application

  • A Red Cedar Member pledges $200 per month or more. This member has committed to nourishing the long-term health and growth of the Zen Community of Oregon.
  • A Sitka Spruce Member pledges $100 per month. Pledging at this level provides the stability of a regular annual income for the Zen Community of Oregon during this time of uncertainty.
  • A Mountain Maple Member pledges $75 per month. This amount helps ZCO keep the fees for retreats, workshops, and other events low, and to continue providing classes free of charge, in addition to providing basic support to the monastery and temple.
  • A Shore Pine Member pledges $50 per month. This is the basic ZCO membership. This level keeps our facilities open and helps support the teachers, priests, and other essential staff, and helps cover basic expenses such as mortgage, utilities, mailing costs, and general supplies.
  • A White Oak Member pledges $35 per month. This is an option for low- or fixed-income members who wish to donate a consistent amount per month but who are not able to donate at a higher level at this time.
  • A Noble Fir Member pledges what they can afford. Lack of funds should never stand in the way of joining the ZCO community. Please send an email to the head of Membership and offer what you can.

To become a member, please login or create an account, and fill in the form below, or click here to automatically download a PDF.

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