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Engaged Buddhism


“You are not alone.  You have generations of ancestors at your back.  You have the blessing of interdependence and community.  You have the great trees of the forest as steadfast allies.  You have the turning of the seasons and the renewal of life as your music.  You have the vast sky of emptiness to hold all thing graciously.





You have been training for this for a long time.  With practice you have learned to quiet the mind and open the heart.  You have learned emptiness and interdependence.  Now is the time to step forward, bringing your equanimity and courage, wisdom and compassion to the world.  The Bodhisattva show the way to alleviate suffering amidst it all.” Jack Kornfield, Lion’s Roar 2017

Guiding Principles


1) We will seek to embody interdependence and to promote the Bodhisattva Vow of mutual liberation of all beings.  


2) We will provide a means within the Zen Community of Oregon to increase awareness of, and respond to suffering -- including but not limited to, race, sex, class, age, ethnicity, national origin, religion, political expression, ability, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression.--  through the lens of the Dharma.


3) We will take action informed by the Dharma, and by our own deep personal practice.   


4) We will encourage white Sangha members to be accountable for increasing their own awareness of systems of oppression, making the ongoing work of understanding an integral part of Sangha life, rather than relying on People of Color for this work. We regard this work as an imperative in our practice.  This requires the investigation of suffering, and clarifies our response to suffering.


5)  We will recommend responses and actions to the leadership and Sangha of the Zen Community of Oregon


6) We will treat one another with words and actions humbly grounded in the precepts.  We will speak from our own experience.  We will be generous with one another, always giving the benefit of the doubt.  We will hold confidences, and hold one another with compassion and lovingkindness.