Completed, Starting, Continuing


Dear Friends:


Some updates on Temple projects....


Rain Garden -- competed.  A lot of people put in a lot of work but now almost all of the rain which will eventually pour onto our roof will flow into an official Rain Garden.  This saves money but bypassing the sewer system, it provides habitat for birds and insects and filters out pollutants.  Please stop by and take a look.


Downstairs Window Trim -- starting.  Wayne Haack (who did such an outstanding job on our zendo floor) is back with his partner Tony to trim out the downstairs windows.  Watch as a new downstairs look unfolds...there is more in the works


4th Annual Founders’ Dinner -- continuing


Here is a short history (Kodo’s version) of our now Annual Founders’ Dinner for Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple.  In 2009, Michelle Bussard took the lead and guided us in our first Heart of Wisdom Founders’ Dinner.  This was a specific fundraiser to get seed money to be in a better position to buy property in Portland when we found one.  This dinner was a great success, we asked people to donate $1,000 to become a Founder of Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple. We raised about $80,000.


The next year, 2010, our search for a building was gaining momentum and we realized that we needed a good amount of money before we could go to a bank to get a loan. Eimyo took the lead for the dinner along with Diane Brush and many, many sangha members. A beautiful grass roots dinner was held at St. David of Wales.  We successfully raised and got pledges so that we had enough money for a potential down payment. The search for a property continued.


Then, without much warning a building for Heart of Wisdom appeared.  We had enough money for the purchase (along with the generosity of the whole ZCO organization). We raided all of our funds to buy Heart of Wisdom.  Now we realized that we needed an annual fundraiser to have a capital fund to fix up the building.  Again Eimyo took the lead and another magical dinner came together at the Village Ballroom in 2011.


We now have a building, some debt and a wonderful Annual Founders’ Dinner tradition.  Eimyo is at the helm once again (she says she loves it). We have some great talent....this year from our affiliate sangha in Vancouver, British Columbia. Along with some great food from our own Great Vow garden; prepared by the current tenzo, Jogen. 


I hope you will save the date of Sept. 15, 2012 and join the ZCO sangha in this wonderful annual dinner tradition.


With gratitude for this amazing life,




Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple

Temple Manager