Fall Practice Period

For the first time since moving into Heart of Wisdom, we are holding an Ango, or Fall Practice Period. The period began October 6 and will continue through November 24. Participants may join us any time4.

Those choosing to participate have the opportunity to make an Ango commitment. This year the common commitment is to increase zazen time, by attending more regularly-scheduled meditation at the temple, sesshin, and through home practice. Each person determines what that means individually. There are commitment cards at the temple to be filled out.

Some find that making time for extra zazen challenging. In Case 21 from the Book of Serenity, Yunyan Sweeps the Ground, Yunyan says, “There is one who isn’t busy.” During the Fall Practice Period we will consider the koan, “Who is the one who is busy?”

Also during this time we will be studying Voluntary Simplicity, a five-session curriculum from the Northwest Earth Institute, facilitated by Jomon. Please see the separate calendar items for the discussion groups beginning on October 6.

Questions may be directed to Kodo, Jomon, Bansho, Eimyo, Ryushin, Seiko, or Fuho at the temple.