Importance of Sangha


Knotes -- June 1, 2012


Dear Friends:


Thank you to all who helped out with the rain garden project.  We got them all dug out to 18 inches, the weeds pulled and gravel was purchased.  


Also thank you to those who have stepped forward to help with the Buddhism in the Park.


As we develop as a sangha there are many different opportunities to help and support the Sangha and each other.  Sometimes we are asked or have the ability to take the lead. At other times we are the worker bees or support people. Then there are times when we can only give moral support or send good wishes and metta.  All of these positions are important elements in creating a vital, alive sangha, one that is wide, deep and has many dimensions.  One where our connections with each other and the Buddha-dharma is of most importance.


On a few minutes... Chozen, Hogen, Eimyo and I are leaving on a ten day scouting trip to Sri Lanka.  Our intention is to lay the ground work for a possible pilgrimage in 2013.  Sri Lanka is the oldest country where Buddhism has been continuously practiced.


We'll visit Venerable Kusuma at her ashram, Sarvodaya where the women are making golden bodhi leaves for us to sell as ornaments.  We will visit some of the amazing Buddhist sites which we will plan to see again during the pilgrimage in 2013.


Our thoughts will be with you as we travel to the other side of the world and join with others in viewing these ancient Buddhist sites.







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