Ordination of Kisei and Soten

On Sunday December 8th, at the completion of a vital Rohatsu Sesshin,  Amy Kisei Costenbader and Danney Soten Lynch, before a Sangha gathering of seventy people including their parents , recieved Tokudo, Novice Priest's ordination. L to R  Kisei Costenbader and Soten Lynch

L to R Kisei Costenbader and Soten Lynch

In addition to the 16 Bodhisattva Precepts, the ordainee's took the following Life Vows:

I vow to walk the path of the Buddha, living an ethical life and becoming enlightened.

I vow to study the Dharma; working to understand the true nature of everyone and everything I encounter.

I vow to help the Sangha, practicing generosity with all my resources.

I vow to undertake a life of simplicity, living with few personal possesions.

I vow to undertake a life of service, working to nurture people's deepest aspirations.

I vow to undertake a life of stability, honoring my comittments by being patient, tolerant, and steadfast in practice and relationships.

For Five Years: 

I vow to follow my teacher's direct guidance.

I vow to live at and support Great Vow Zen Monastery.

I vow to serve Zen Community of Oregon, Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple and other local communities.

Thank you Kisei and Soten for your inspiring comittments!


Picture of Great Vow and guest OrdainedZCO and guest Ordained group