Painting Heart of Wisdom


April 2013


Just as spring escalates in Portland, Heart of Wisdom abounds with new events, sitting times and remodeling. 

-- We have a new practice house within a few blocks of the Temple with Ryushin and Kishin at the helm. 

-- Sunday morning practice has started with Fuho, Gensho and Jogen taking the lead. 

-- New member teas, mindfulness groups and new people stepping up to take on service positions all add to the present excitement at Heart of Wisdom.

On the building side of things we are painting, carpeting and putting up new baseboards and trim in the downstairs area.  Chozen suggested that we continue with our idea to make the Temple beautiful and I believe that the results will speaks for themselves.  Carpet will be laid on April 25.


We have also commissioned Ben Shook of Ben Shook Studios to build us a beautiful and fitting altar table for the zendo. The plan calls for the table to be constructed of black walnut and look as if it is floating.  Ben and his partner will also be carving an image of Avalokitesvara (Kuan Yen, Kannon) on a new door to the waiting room at the top of the stairs. We have had very generously contributed and are only $300. short to pay for this whole project.  If you would like to make a donation to this altar/door fund please contact me. 


As for the painting project.  Doug lead the uncovering of the downstairs pillars and beams along with help from Marsha, Mathew, Mitch and Bansho. The same people continued on with painting joined by Rebecca, Lorraine and Ray.


Our work practice at our recent Spring Zazenkai helped get the garden in shape as Nan and Allen continue to tend and make our outside property beautiful.


Our library is just about ready to open thanks to Arlene.  It is in the Jizo Room.


The bike rack shelter is almost completed thanks to Chris and Fred Pool, the Boy Scouts and Zac Reisner.


I am very inspired and encouraged by the energy and interest of the Sangha.  Recently I talked with people at Woodlawn School our local grade school.  This is one of the poorest schools in Portland and they are very interested in partnering with us.  They have a number of suggestions:


 -- help with more back pack lunches, 

 -- hygiene supplies collections

 -- help with their community garden

 -- help withTeacher Appreciation Breakfast on May 8


If you are interested in any of these outreach project or any projects around Heart of Wisdom, please contact me (I can help you find your way to many hours of satisfying service :} ...or a few hours if that is what you have to spare.)


That is all for now.  Enjoy our new bloomings.


With gratitude,




Temple Manager

Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple