Silly Walking -- No Joke!

Our next mindfulness task is called silly walking.  We recommend walking in a silly way several times a day; ESPECIALLY when you notice that you've fallen into a negative mind state.

No, really -- We're serious...

It's amazing how much there is to learn, here.

Does silly walking for 10 seconds really help alter a state of mind?  It only takes 10 seconds to find out!

Sometimes we want to practice just being with a negative mind state, so that we do not get caught in aversion to it.  It's also good, though, to know how to change a mind state quickly, and to cultivate the freedom to be able to do this.

Freedom in this context often means freedom from some version of the following thought: "My negative mind state is real/genuine/I like it; I don't want to be inauthentic and change my mind state; other people will think I'm weird, etc."  In other words, we would rather be right than be happy. 

The great news is that we CAN retrain ourselves to act from deeper values.  It just takes clear intention and a bit of effort.



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