Summer Residents and Construction

The July Summer residents are a lively and dedicated batch from all over North America. 

Pre-lunch FacePre-lunch Face

Serious Zen Student FaceSerious Zen Student Face

Sanzen/Tea House

The Sanzen/Tea House, placed in the bamboo grove outside the Resident's Dorm, is coming along splendidly. Shoki Cleary, pictured above, is the designer and chief carpenter.

Thanks to all who have and will contribute!


Shrine of Vows

Bill Dainen Kelley Assembling the Shrine of Vows piece by piece.


The Shrine of Vows, tucked away behind the field, will be a place to make, honor and seal our deep intentions in life. There will be an altar where symbols of our vows can be placed.

Stay posted for more details on this lovely addition to the Monastery.