Ven. Pannavati's Surprise Visit


We were mysteriously graced by the presence of the Venerable Pannavati Sunday night November 11th.  She had come all the way from Embracing Simplicity Hermitage in North Carolina.  Nobody, not even the Venerable herself, was quite sure how she came to know about our Temple, or arranged to give a talk as she was passing through the West coast.  But even with such with short notice, her talk was very well-attended.  It was delightful to see so many practitioners from other communities in attendance, many seeing our Temple for the first time.  
The Venerable is raising awareness and funding for My Place, a residential facility and gluten-free bakery providing services and job training for homeless youth.  She spoke about how this mission came to be.  She went into Hendersonville, NC with an idea of founding a monastery.  She has strong karmic ties to this place:  She had been there before; visiting family as a teenager from Washington DC before the Civil Rights Movement, and had a terrible experience with the KKK there.  Her life brought her back to North Carolina, and there, she ended up responding to what arose in front of her:  A desperate need for homeless youth to receive support and job training.
Her talk was inspirational.  So much so that at least one person in attendance (who happened to have grown up in Hendersonville) decided to go back and practice with her and support her mission.  
We are grateful for the opportunity to hear the Venerable teach the BuddhaDharma, and grateful to see it in action.   
Laura Jomon Martin