Whole and Completed

The buildings and the grounds protect the Dharma
And bring peace to all.
The sangha in the ten directions will increase
In wisdom and compassion.
How this all comes to us
Is a gift we should not miss.

The Heart of Wisdom downstairs remodel project is virtually completed!  There are a few details still to do but I want to thank everyone who has helped and supported this project.....Doug Onkatsu Kagel , Bansho Green, Marcia Roi and her friend Cathy, Matthew Williams, Mitch Lang, Rebecca Schaeffer, Melanie Skyler and her mother Diane, Eimyo, Darah Shonen, Ray and Loraine, Bret Bender, David Elston, Sojin Kip.


We brought in a few people to help us out and they did a fantastic job...thanks to 

Wayne Haack and his partner Tony Mandella and the good work from Samuel Pechovnik.


Our downstairs has taken on a warm and friendly atmosphere and is now more in accord with the rest of our Temple.  


The garden is such a place of beauty, please make some time to stop by and enjoy our wonderful surroundings.  If you would like to work in the garden please contact Nan nan5910@gmail.com.



Eimyo and Doug helped organize and facilitated our first Temple Service Day.  This was a full day of zazen and work practice with a focus on weeding the garden and parking strips then deep cleaning the zendo and downstairs.  The Temple sparkled inside and out after their hard work.  Thanks to Rollie Gisan, Sojin, Manny, Jill, Fuho, Darah, Onkatsu, and Eimyo.


Our library is up and running...an announcement is forth coming from our librarian Arlene Holmes.


Working together in service to the Temple allows the sangha to experience a different type of community.  One with the purpose to serve others and provide a place of refuge for anyone in search of peace.


To find out how you can participate, please watch for announcements on the list service or contact Bansho Green bansho.green@gmail.com or me (Kodo).


With gratitude,


Kodo kodo.conover@gmail.com

Heart of Wisdom Temple Manager