Winter Sweet

Message from the Temple Manager


Greeting Everyone:


February 2013...winter, cool and cloudy, slight wind, rain likely...we are in the middle of winter in the Pacific Northwest.  A few plants are in bloom.  Have you seen them?  The winter jasmine, witch hazel, winter sweet, a few camellias.  We wonder what will bloom and unfold in the next few months.  Watching nature is much like watching our practice and community at Heart of Wisdom.


There are some exciting changes and additions getting ready to bloom.  A Sunday morning program which will include child care is beginning to show color.  Fuho, Jogen and others will soon have official information very soon.


We want to make the downstairs more comfortable for the Sunday program and for the whole sangha so carpet, sound proofing, painting and general fix up is beginning to bud. Doug and I are germinating downstairs remodel project.


The Service Committee which came out of the HoW Leadership Meeting has met and is diligently working on a system for us to more fully care for all aspects of Heart of Wisdom.  It is a large committee with Bansho, Ryushin, Fuho, Jomon and Cibyl all involved.  As we continue to cultivate a culture of service as an integral part of practice, you will hear more as this group springs forth.


While we shape the Temple, the Temple shapes us.  As we continue to practice and grow together...we will see what unfolds.  Everyone is invited to participate in a wide variety of practice and service experiences at Heart of Wisdom...and at Great Vow.  We are building a very strong and living bridge between Heart of Wisdom and Great Vow.  Please join us.


This is just a short introduction of what is unfolding at Heart of Wisdom in the Heart of Winter.


Bike Shelter -  Fred and Chris Pool, Zac

Programming - Nan

Cooks - Kotetsu and Cibyl

Registration - Mitch

Temple cleaning - Allen

Garden and Grounds -- Nan and Allen

Membership - Doug

Communications - Seiko

Temple Council (Governing HoW) - Kodo, Eimyo, Ryushin, Nan, Darah, and Hogen


Take a look around and see what is blooming in you.


With Gratitude,



Heart of Wisdom Temple Manager