Just Enough: Mindfulness and Money

Just Enough: Mindfulness and Money
Saturday, November 10, 2012 - 9:00am - 4:00pm
Schedule: 9:00 am to 4:00pm
Price: Suggested donation - $35. No one will be turned away for inability to pay.


Buddhism, Mindfulness and Money

Led by Patrick Bansho Green & Laura Jomon Martin

The Buddha said, “There is no river like craving. Rivers can sometimes fill their banks, but the wants of human beings can never be filled…Even if money were to fall from the skies like rain, the sensual desires of human beings would not be satisfied.”

That desire is inexhaustible is obvious as we observe the current economic situation. Our own experience of desire or anxiety is also obvious. Is there a Middle Way when it comes to money? While we humans have an insatiable craving for things, the good news is that we have another kind of desire – a desire for the true well-being of ourselves and others.

Making and spending money can be a means to an end – the end being the development of happiness that is not dependent on external things.
In this class, we will explore how to:
~Shift from the pursuit of material happiness to a happiness independent of external conditions.
~Increase awareness of money, spending, and debt.
~Bring ethics and wisdom to how we earn and spend money.
~Apply what the Buddha taught about money, and use practical tools of personal and financial awareness.

Suggested donation - $35.

A vegan/vegetarian lunch will be provided.

Write up about the event from the Oregonian

Laura Jomon Martin & Patrick Bansho Green

Laura Jomon Martin & Patrick Bansho Green

A social worker since 1993, Laura Jomon Martin has been teaching mindfulness in health and mental health care since 2002. She has been an instructor of MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) since 2009. She is in private practice as a counselor.

Patrick Bansho Green is a Zen Community of Oregon lay leader with experience teaching meditation for beginners. His training includes over 20 sesshin (silent retreats) and 6 weeks of residential training at Great Vow Zen Monastery. He has 20 years political organizing experience and is director of a statewide non-profit.

Patrick and Laura are senior Zen students with Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple in Portland, OR. They are also the proud companions of Louis, a golden retriever.