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Heart of Wisdom Access to the Dharma Campaign

You Can Help Heart of Wisdom Become more Accessible to People with Disabilities.

Our fundraising goal is $15,000

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Access to the Zendo
• Purchase and install a commercial stair lift that will go from the ground floor to the top of the stairs.  Bids coming in are all around $10,000.
• Click here to see what it will look like.

Access to the Garden
• Ramps on NE 10th to replace the cracking stairs, a gradual entrance into the garden; making it easier to access the bike shelter.

Restroom Access
• Update facilities to accommodate those who use wheelchairs.
• Upgrades will be modest, restrooms are already close to ADA code.

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Who will be able to use the stair lift?
It is ideal for those using canes, walkers, crutches, or anyone who has difficulty using stairs.

Why not an elevator?
Structurally this would be very difficult if not impossible in our 120-year old building. It’s also cost prohibitive at five times what a stair lift costs.

What about a wheelchair lift?
Contractors say the building entrance doesn’t allow enough space for operation of a wheelchair lift.

This is a great idea! When will we do this?
It will take about 6 weeks from the time we raise the money to installation and operation of the stair lift. The other upgrades will come later.

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If you have questions, please email Kodo.