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Almost Full - Sky of Being: A Radical Dzogchen Retreat with Keith Dowman

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 5:00 pm to Saturday, November 03, 2018 - 5:00 pm
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This retreat is Almost Full please email the if you would like to attend.

A Radical Dzogchen Retreat Inspired by Tibetan Buddhist Master Longchenpa’s Revered Text Spaciousness

Dzogchen is a practice of recognizing and resting in the spacious, illuminating core of the Heart. Those with affinity for the Zen tradition will find inspiration here.

This teaching is a powerfully delivered transmission/introduction to the nature of Being and further exposition and unfoldment of the fundamental radical Dzogchen pre-meditation rituals that open and enchant awareness.

Learn to trust and abide in the Heart center. Experience this world/self as radiant light and boundless compassion.

We sit for four sessions daily: dawn, am, pm, and sunset. Tteachings on the Dzogchen view and pointing out on Wednesday evening and part of am and pm sessions. The silence of the monastic container will support this residential retreat. 

This retreat is more relaxed then our traditional zen retreats, longer rest periods and later wake-up time.

$350 ($300 for ZCO members) + Dana for the teachings

Great Vow Zen Monastery
79640 Quincy-Mayger Road
Clatskanie, Oregon 97016