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Awakening Our Hearts: Exploring Authentic Relationships Across Differences with Arinna Weisman

Saturday, July 13, 2019 - 10:00 am to 4:30 pm

A non-residential one-day retreat by Arinna Weisman for those who identify as white

By being accountable to the privilege we experience as white people, we are able to transform ourselves and participate fully in our multicultural communities. Buddhism has as its refuge and vision a heart that is unrestricted, luminous and free. As we practice the Eightfold Path, we find ourselves called to explore unconscious beliefs and behaviors that cause harm and suffering to ourselves and to others.

Interspersed between sitting, walking and metta practices, Arinna will present a shared framework for discussing the cultural and psychological legacies of structural racism in the United States. We will explore the impact of these legacies on us as individuals in our relationships and in our communities.

We will emphasize the importance of being allies not only to people of color, but to ourselves and each other as white people in addressing racism and white privilege.  Practical skills will be presented.

Because we understand that this uncovering may touch places of shame and blame, our gathering will be conducted using practices of awareness and lovingkindness.

Both beginning and experienced practitioners are welcome.

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Registration Fee:  $25 - $40 sliding scale.

Dana for the teachings is accepted day of the event.
Please bring lunch and water.