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Beyond the Sound - An Evening of Listening Meditation

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 7:30 pm

Beyond the Sound is an evening of listening meditation carried by live-blended soundscapes designed to enhance and enchant Awareness. The gathering begins with some teachings on sound as a meditation way and then we launch into a musical mix about an hour long.

Tend to each note, texture and chord. Listen at the horizon of being, this intimate instant - flashing and beyond all dimension. Does the sound come to the ear or the ear to the sound?

In sleep, worlds of experience blossom and fade within you. How does the waking state differ?

Close your eyes and let these tones and rhythms enter, permeate and express WITHIN and AS the body. That body is a body of bright emptiness.

To listen to previous month's mixes checkout our MixCloud page.

Free; donations welcomed