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Awakening the Boundless Qualities of the Heart: An Online Meditation Retreat

Monday, June 15, 2020 - 5:00 pm to Sunday, June 21, 2020 - 1:00 pm

Registration is closed, if you are interested in participating please email for registration information. Thanks.

Join us this week as we practice active compassion and the great embrace of love. We are in the midst of great change. Change is possible when minds and hearts are open. Our practice is practical and mysterious as it trains the heart to be present in the midst of human suffering and to open as we recognize that the bounds of the heart are limitless.

This is a special retreat. As we will blend teaching styles from the Zen and Tibetan traditions. We will spend a full day on each of the Four Boundless Qualities of the Heart, Equanimity, Loving Kindness, Compassion and Appreciative Joy. Become familiar with practical ways to cultivate and blossoms these essential qualities in your own being. Relax and remember your way back to Love.

Partial attendance is welcome. Join us for a day, the weekend or the whole week.

This retreat will take place through the zoom app. You will receive a link to the retreat once you register. We will have a meeting with all those registered at 7PM Monday June 15 to check in about the logistics, details and answer any practical questions about the retreat format. 

Doing a retreat at home can be empowering, take up the practice in your own home and know the peace and clarity of mind in your own dwelling place! To support doing home retreat we recommend doing the following:

1. Reflect on your intention
2. Create a sacred space with a simple altar and meditation supports in a clean room that allows for calm/peace of mind
3. Commit to a schedule, we have a schedule posted below. We ask that you commit to at least 4 hours of meditation a day. Part-time attendance is welcome. Join for a day, the weekend or the whole week. Please let us know the dates you plan to attend. 
4. Give up or reduce media, phone and extra computer use for the duration of the retreat
5. Keep the practice going during the "breaks" by engaging with Mindful Eating during meals and choosing simple work (gardening, cleaning, etc.), body practice/exercise (walking, yoga, qi gong) or creative projects that support your meditation practice/intention.
6. Consider being in silence for the full day, everyday, or practicing silence for specific periods during the day.
7. If you live with others, communicate with them what your intention is for this week of practice and ask them to support you

Sliding Scale: $50 - $250


Monday Night
7:00  Zoom Meeting Logistics/What to expect
8:00  Formal Opening of the Retreat/Meditation
8:50  Closing Chants

Tuesday through Saturday
5:30  Silent Seated Meditation
6:20   Walking Meditation
6:30   Practice Instruction/Meditation
7:20    Chanting Service
8:00   Breakfast/Work Practice

11:30   Practice Instruction/Meditation
12:05   Walking Meditation
12:15   Silent Seated Meditation
12:50   Chanting Service
1:00      Lunch/Break

3:00    Guided Movement/Yoga
3:30     Practice Instruction/Meditation
4:20     Walking Meditation
4:30     Silent Seated Meditation/Online Group Sanzen
5:20    Chanting Service
5:30    Dinner/Break

7:00    Practice Instruction/Meditation
7:50    Walking Meditation
8:00    Silent Seated Meditation
8:50    Formal Tea/Closing Chant

Sunday Morning
6:00  Meditation/Wrap-up Talk
7:00  Closing Circle
10:00A - Chanting Service
10:25A - 11:20A - Silent & Guided Meditation
11:30A - Dharma Talk


Great Vow Zen Monastery
79640 Quincy-Mayger Road (Mail to: P.O. Box 188)
Clatskanie, Oregon 97016
Donations welcomed