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Thursday Night: Freedom, Embodiment and Love - The Dharma of Liberation On-line Meditation and Dharma Talk

Thursday, July 09, 2020 - 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Every moment of our lives is a call towards intimacy and love, an opportunity to awaken. Dharma practice is inclusive, it is a practice of embodiment, presence and deep listening. Freedom comes from trusting our direct experience, letting go of conditioning and opening to our inter-connection.

Inspired by the new translation of the Terigatha - The First Free Women, on Thursday nights throughout the pandemic we will be going through the book poem by poem. These poems as you will find are expressions of Dharma truth and insight evoked from the grit and embodied experience of being human in this world. They invite us into the particulars of our own lives and ask us to remember the deep and fundamental freedom of our own Heart. Yes, our wholeness and our interconnection is opened through the unique fabric of our own individuality, our pain and our laughter, our doubt and our shame, our creativity and our greatness. These poems remind us that liberation is collective, experience is non-dual, life is a shared reality.

Join us for 50 minutes of meditation and then a Dharma talk featuring one of the poems. I will share the poem of the week on the list serve every week, and you may consider purchasing your own copy of The First Free Women.

May we honor these voices, which have been forgotten throughout history. And may these poems help us find freedom and love through our own embodiment. I look forward to exploring these poems with you and I trust we will all be transformed through them together.

7:00 Meditation/Guided Meditation

7:50 Dharma talk/Closing Meditation

We are told to keep social distance...this is physical distance to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus...we can reach out to each other in this amazing manner and stay socially connected and interconnected without spreading this virus.

May everyone be well.

Join us through Zoom. This will be a regular meeting every Thurssday.

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