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Urban Ango at Heart of Wisdom: Practicing, Studying and Living the Koan of Everyday Life

Sunday, October 28, 2018 - 7:30 pm to Sunday, December 09, 2018 - 7:00 pm

As the seasons change and our summer vacations and activities come to a close, we have the time to choose to turn inward and deepen our spiritual practice. This is the traditional time for amore intensive practice period among Buddhist practitioners. In the Japanese Zen tradition these practice periods are known as Ango (peaceful dwelling). 

At Heart of Wisdom our Fall Practice Period is centered around returning to our practice and focusing our energy within the community. It is a gathering together in practice, study and service. When we return in this way, we encounter the three treasures of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and the entire community is upheld and revitalized.

Here are the centerpieces of our practice for Ango at Heart of Wisdom for 2018:

Our theme this year is Studying the Genjo Koan
Our chant will be the Genjo Koan: The Way of Everyday Life, Page 36, Chant Book
There will be a list of readings and websites on the Ango Table 

Part of our tradition at ZCO is to make a vow, commitment, intention or promise to stretch or extend our practice during this period. By challenging ourselves to an enhanced experience of practice we are encouraging ourselves to grow and deepen our understanding.

Ideas for Intentions or Commitments for HOW Urban Ango

1. Meditation -- think of what you do on a regular basis and increase in some way

• Add more time to your daily practice…five minutes more is interesting.
• Set up a home practice schedule or a home altar.
• Add another type of practice to your current practice e.g. bowing, chanting, loving kindness, gratitude or mindfulness practice.
• Come to the Temple regularly during Urban Ango.
• Add a new practice time at the Temple such as Full Moon Metta.

2. Service -- think of what type of service you give to the Temple and decide on one thing you can contribute.

• Bring tea and/or cookies or flowers to practice.
• Talk with Head of Zendo about learning and taking on a zendo service position.
• (Heads of Zendo— Bansho, Cho-on, Shonin, Jomon)
• Offer to do a small project at the Temple such as straightening the locker room.
• Take on a larger, short-term project at the Temple.
• Help with gardening or keeping the outside of the Temple maintained.

3. Events—think of what special events are available during Ango that you would like to participate:

• Support Ango at Great Vow by attending a day or longer: Call the Registrar at 503-728-0654
• Attend Autum Zazenkai at Heart of Wisdom on 11/2&3 with Kodo Conover
• Consider spending six days at Gratitude Sesshin at GVZM: 11/12-18
• Try out Full Moon Metta on 11/23 right after Thanksgiving at GV on 11/22

4. Study — Chant the Genjo Koan, read more about it or about Dogen during this Ango period.
Look at the Ango Table for ideas about study of this lovely Koan

Many more events and special possibilities can be found on the Ango Table in the tea room at Heart
of Wisdom. Nan Kyoko is Head of Zendo. Please feel free to ask for clarification and assistance
with Ango questions.

Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple
6401 NE 10th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97211