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Miraculous Expression: Entry into Natural Meditation and the Creative Process

Friday, June 15, 2018 - 5:00 pm to Sunday, June 17, 2018 - 1:00 pm

Each moment, an invitation into the heart of the world is offered through the doors of the senses. Touching the heart of things we enter intimately with our innate wisdom, love, and compassion. We discover these qualities as the basis for all life, and entrust ourselves, with our entire being, to the path of awakening– the call to join fully with our nature, becoming vehicles for the spontaneous expression of enlightenment.

How wondrously strange and miraculous it is to be born human. As soon as we enter this world, relationship occurs; expression occurs. Expression is inescapable—in every moment of our life, we are constantly revealing and being revealed. Entering into Buddhist mind training, we begin to look at expression with the unwavering attention that is critical to seeing into what separates us from other people, animals, places and things.

We each have our own undeniable, unique way of expressing our aliveness without even trying. For some, it is a visual sense that comes through in image making inspired by textures, colors and forms. Some relish turning words and language, stirred by emotions and the intensity of being. There are those who respond to movement, and those who hear and express the sounds of the world. Yet, for some, expression may be fraught with pain and pressure. We are feeling awkward, stilted, clumsy, self-conscious and cut off from the flow of ki, or life force energy, that infuses and enlivens all living things. We may truly want to leap into the unknown, but need help with the take off.

To help undo the woven web of knowing that constricts our heart and mind, and that pressures us to yield to a certain result, we will begin by getting to know our materials and encountering non-technical forms of expression. Supported by deep self-study through natural meditation, the daily schedule, liturgy, and taking meals, we will discover the continuous opportunity to release our grasp and thinking about our experience. By practicing letting go of the purpose or goal of our efforts, we contact the complete wonder of life—becoming not less, but more, of who we truly are.

This retreat offers the opportunity to enter deeply into creative practice. The natural environment of Great Vow’s forest and fields along with the sky and mountains will figure prominently within the process. Instruction in zazen meditation and natural movement will be offered as support for joining with the creative source.

Please join us for this creative intensive. Materials will be supplied. 

**$50 of the retreat fee counts towards a nonrefundable deposit. We can transfer the deposit to future retreats, if necessary**

$225 ($200 for ZCO members)