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Mt. Hood Wilderness Meditation Retreat

Sunday, July 14, 2019 - 12:00 pm to Sunday, July 21, 2019 - 12:00 pm

This retreat will be held in the Mt. Hood Wilderness, Oregon. Previous meditation retreat and backpacking experience is highly recommended. Space is limited.

The world contains so much beauty. Through silent contemplation, this beauty can awaken within us, informing how we experience and live our lives. But how often do we truly allow ourselves to be pierced by the raw magnificence and teachings of the earth, sky, air and water? This retreatis an opportunity to kindle this intimate connection, learning from the wordless truth, brilliance, and harmony of the natural world. The wisdom of the wilderness is our own. It stands with open arms, welcoming us to simply recognize, and become it.

However much we prepare, going into the wilderness is an act of surrender. We do not know what we will encounter. The conditions of the wild are beyond our control and thus we will be practicing with whatever arises. Prepare for all conditions.

Each person will be expected to carry all of their own gear, plus additional communal items. A required packing list will be provided and all food is included in the retreat fee. This is an intensive meditation retreat. Each day we will practice about seven hours of seated meditation, a period of qi gong, yoga, and  guided hiking. Trail running may be an option for those inclined. One night hike will also be included.

Space is limited, please contact Soten Lynch, at 503-308-3139, to rsvp or to ask any questions.


$300 ($250 for ZCO members)

Mount Hood Wilderness