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Ordination Ceremony for Myoyu and Onshin

Sunday, December 08, 2019 - 10:00 am

"The priest’s robe is the Buddha body, the Buddha mind, it is the clothing of emancipation, the robe beyond form, the unsurpassable robe, the robe of patience, the robe of great love and compassion and the robe of unsurpassable, complete enlightenment." - Dogen Zenji.

After years of continuous practice, service and discernment, Haley Myoyu Voekel and Tim Onshin Landry will be taking novice priest vows with Chozen Roshi and Hogen Roshi. Ordination vows in our sangha deepen one's on-going commitment to living and training at the monastery and serving the Sangha. Novice priests serve key roles in the day to day functioning of the monastic container - learning to emboy awakened wisdom and compassion through selfless service. 

Ordination involves commitment on the part of the individual and the Sangha. Please come and bear witness to their vows, by offering them support as they step into ordination with intention, presence and love. 

The ordination ceremony will take place during Sunday Program which ends with a community meal