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Precepts Class: Awakening to our Inter-connected Life

Sunday, May 12, 2019 - 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

We all want to live a compassionate life. The precepts give us a framework for what it means to live an ethical life. More then a set of rules to follow, the precepts are deep inquiries into the actual living of our lives with attention and love.

What do the precepts teach us about living in a world on fire? How do we practice compassion in the midst of suffering, racial injustices, discrimination, pervassive anxiety and fear? What is our responsibility socially as we wake up to inter-connection?

We will explore the precepts through the many lenses of our lives, our meditation & awareness practice, social justice and the zen teachings.

Anyone is welcome to attend, whether you have already taken the precepts, are considering taking the precepts, or you are simply curious about the ethical guidelines that rest at the foundation of our practice. You may attend as many of the classes as you are able. Email the if you plan to attend.

Dates and topics for the classes are:

May 12th – The Interconnected Heart: Inner Refuge and Compassionate Action

May 19th - Not Lying and Not Killing: Practicing Honesty that Supports all Life

May 26th – Greed and Stealing: Cultivating Generosity

June 2nd – Sex, Drugs and Addiction: Opening the Heart and Purifying the Mind

June 9th – Gossip, Criticism and Anger: What the Precepts teach on Right Speech

June 16th – Robes & Lineage, a required course for those interested in Jukai

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