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Precepts Classes: Awakening to our Inter-connected Life

Sunday, February 23, 2020 - 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

The beginning and end of our practice is ethical living; acting, speaking and thinking in ways that support the greatest wellbeing and awakening for all beings. The ethical foundation of Zen Buddhism is the Five Precepts.

We uphold the Precepts through active and ongoing practice in our moment to moment way of being in the world. The Five Precepts are:

I vow not to kill, but to cherish all life.
I vow not to steal, but to respect the things of others.
I vow not to lie, but to speak the truth.
I vow not to misuse sexual energy, but to be respectful in mind and action.
I vow not to misuse drugs or alcohol, but to keep the mind clear.
For more about the precepts, please click here.

In the Zen Buddhist tradition, The Five Precepts are taken in a formal ceremony before the community as a way to seal our commitment and receive community support for our intentions. If you are interested in taking the Precepts, please contact the Director of Training.

Everyone is welcome to attend these classes, whether you have already formally taken the precepts, are considering taking the precepts, or you are simply curious about the ethical guidelines that rest at the foundation of Zen practice.

This series will include readings, lecture, discussion and practices concerning the Five Precepts.

Classes will be held Sundays at Great Vow Zen Monastery.

February 23

March 1

March 8

March 22

March 29

No class on March 15th

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