Sunday Program

Every Sunday Great Vow welcomes the public to attend our Sunday program. The program includes a Zen chanting service, seated and walking meditation, a Dharma Talk, and lunch. An Introduction to Meditation class is also offered for those new to meditation. Private interviews with Zen Teacher Hogen Bays are available for ZCO members.

The program begins at 10:00 a.m. with a 20 minute chanting service. The service includes two traditional Zen chants in english (the Heart Sutra the Precious Mirror Samadhi). Following is an abbreviated recitation of the Zen lineage, which is followed by three short dharanis. The service begins and ends with three prostrations. 

Following the chanting service participants may stay in the meditation hall (Zendo) for meditation, or join in the Introduction to Meditation class offered in the guest area.

Meditation in the Zendo begins at 10:20. It consists of two 25 minute periods, each followed by a shorter period of walking meditation (kinhin). Meditation is followed by a Dharma talk at 11:20. The Dharma talk ranges from Buddhist teachings on meditation and ethical living to current events. The talk is offered by one of our teachers or senior students.

In the Introduction to Meditation class we cover the basics of meditation including posture, meditation techniques, overcoming obstacles, and practicing at home. This class ends in time for the participants to return to the Zendo to hear the Dharma talk.

Private interviews with Zen Teacher Hogen Bays begin either during or after the chanting service. These are available to ZCO members and to residents of the monastery. The interviews are short, and focus specifically on your meditation practice. They take place in a small room outside of the Zendo, and are signaled by a bell in the hallway. If you are a new ZCO member and would like to learn more about this offering, please come early (9:30am) on a Sunday and ask one of our greeters. More information about membership.

There is no charge for the Sunday program; donations are appreciated.

Everyone is invited for a delicious vegan/vegetarian lunch at noon.